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To get your business moving, owning an awesome business website is going to be helpful, especially in the era we live in. Without a website, no one will ever find your products or services unless you have a physical location or do some other form of marketing. Having some sort of presence on the Internet can help your business reach and engage with your ideal customers. 

At HNC Digital, our Auckland based WordPress specialists can give you a kick start to your online journey by designing a unique and optimized business website of your own.

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Step By Step Web Design Guide


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Tell us more about your business and your business goals so we know exactly what you’re going to need on your website to get your business in front of thousands of online users. 


General Website or E-commerce?

Depending on your business model, the way your website would appear and function can vary. Our web design specialists can tackle at any angles.


Let's Start Optimizing for SEO

Once we know your “target keywords” or “search queries” we’ll start optimizing your business website for both on-site and off-site SEO for the best performance.


Monthly Analysis And Reporting

Our SEO specialists will continue to work on your website SEO and provide you with monthly analysis and reports across many levels. 

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Importance of Having a Good Website

We can guide you the right way to get one step closer to success online.


Fast-Speed Web Design

Short loading time of a website on browsers. We will create and design your business website so that users won’t need to spend a long time to load and view your business information. Slow websites usually have high bounce rates that can harm their DR (domain rating score) which is a huge factor in the world of SEO.


Responsive Web Design

We will design your business website to be responsive so that when your customers visit any page within your site using either a desktop, tablet or a mobile phone, the website will automatically adjust to each devices. It’s important to note that Google priortizes websites that are mobile friendly in 2021.


Secure Web Design

When we create websites, we use something called SSL, stands for secure sockets layer. This ensures strong security that will protect your website from brute forces and other hackers. While security remains super important for all websites, it’s mandatory for e-commerce sites (online stores) to have SSL installed so that customer information such as names, address or credit card details are kept very safe.


Optimized Web Design

The website is optimized for on-site SEO for better rankings on search engines like Google and Bing. While there are many different factors that determine your SEO ranking score, on-site SEO is definitely one of the most important factor which the search engine giants see.


Customized Web Design

We understand each and every businesses are unique in their own ways therefore we prioritize our clients’ own opinions on how they want their website to look like for example the number of pages they want on their menu bar, type of webpage layout, type of typography, colour, size and so on. We’ll always do our best to design a fully customized website that’ll make your business stand out from the rest.

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