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Local SEO, short for local search engine optimisation (optimization in US) is what comes after owning a business website where your local customers can visit online. If you’re yet to own a website for your business in New Zealand, first consult for our professional web design services.

At HNC Digital, our Auckland based local SEO specialists can remotely guide you through on implementing best strategies to boost your local sales and visits.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Let's Get Your Business in Front of Local Customers.

4 Simple & Easy Step

Step By Step Local SEO Guide

Determined digital marketing professionals to guide you the right way from start to finish. 

Step One

Let's Have a Quick Consultation

Tell us more about your business, operating locations, service areas and ultimately your business goals so we know exactly how to optimize for general SEO.

Step Two

Let's Do Keyword Research

Once we understand more about your business, we can choose and collect the best SEARCH keywords which your website could rank for. Our SEO specialists will choose the most effective and low-competitive keywords so your business can outrank other businesses within the same industry.

Step Three

Let's Start Optimizing for SEO

Once we know your “target search keywords” or “target search queries” we’ll start optimizing your business website for on-site, off-site and technical SEO for the best possible search engine appearance performance.

Step Four

Monthly Analysis And Reporting

Our SEO specialists will continue to work on your website’s general SEO performance and provide you with monthly analysis and reports across many levels. 

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Did You Know?

Importance of Local Search Engine Optimisation

For those of you who are new to local SEO, its sole purpose is to get your business website to rank as high as possible on search engine results pages (SERPs in short) such as Google or Bing but also at the same time, to rank on top of Google Maps listings.

So having that said, if you own any kind of business that runs locally, local SEO is mandatory to getting more customers and leads onlie.

Let’s go over some basic questions we get a lot:

Let's Dive Straight In!

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is all about trying to rank your business website for local keywords such as “Auckland”, “Christchurch”, “Tauranga” and so forth. 

For businesses that promote products or services locally or those that operate solely within a local network, we highly recommend that you approach local SEO as soon as possible.

Local SEO is usually easier and quicker to rank for compared to the generalized SEO on “what exactly is SEO” topic.

This can be due to lesser competition meaning the number of websites trying to rank for local keywords is far less than those that are competing for general keywords such as a “plumber” search term.

Also, when you target a small specific area, taking East Tamaki for example, it’ll be much easier to rank for the local keyword “East Tamaki” than ranking for “Auckland” just because there are less companies or people in this target location.

Let’s take a look at another simple example. 

John, a resident in East Tamaki, is looking for an electrician that can take a look at a switchboard at his house. 

In this case, John would search for queries such as “East Tamaki electricians” or “electricians in East Tamaki” to hire a professional electrician out to his property.

On Google, he would get search results like this:

local seo example hnc digital

By optimising for local SEO for your business website, the chance of getting in the “Google Maps” listing will go up which may boost your monthly organic traffic for free!

There are several ways which our SEO specialists can help you rank for your local keywords:

1. Setting up Google My Business for your business site to rank within the Google Maps listing (e.g. Kinectic Electrical East Tamaki, French Electrical and Mr Sparks Electrical from the picture above)

2. Setting up multiple local directory listings to empower referral traffic. You can generate more website visits from directory sites such as Neighbourly, Yellow Pages, Localist, Yelp, Fyple etc.

3. Optimising your business website for low competition local keywords. These targeting keywords can be small suburbs such as East Tamaki, Flat Bush, Dannemora etc.

So, if you’re a local business owner that provides local services such as local cleaning, gardening or moving services, get your foot on local SEO right now to get on top of your local competitors.

If you’ve never heard of local SEO and you’re excited to get started, talk to one of our NZ local SEO specialists to get you moving right away.

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